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"Ensuring memorable & safe experiences for all onboard & paying forward what we learn securing the future of sport fishing & our environment."

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Origin of Fish Whisperer Charters, LLC

          After spending his entire adult life in the U.S. Navy, Captain Kris retired in 2013 and wanted to continue enjoying time on the water and the thrill of catching fish. Recalling great childhood and adult memories of fishing with friends and family, he wanted to establish a method for people to experience some of the vast species of fish Northeast Florida has to offer so that those positive memories could be passed on to others. For Captain Kris, nothing beats the thrill he receives by putting people on fish and watching their excitement as they are landed! Moments like that are photographed and cherished for many years. The idea of this fishing charter reaches further than landing fish; it is an avenue through which camaraderie is built and memories created. It’s amazing to see how much people enjoy these charters whether it’s fighting the fish or anticipating the fight.

Captain Kris Kell

The Captain

  • Master ≤100 Gross Register Tons (GRT)
  • Captain (OUPV) ≤100 Miles Offshore

***Credentials, Permits, & Insurance Available on request***

Fish Whisperer Charters is owned and operated by Captain Kris Kell, a USCG Licensed, fully insured, & seasoned mariner with 24 years of experience as a U.S. Navy officer and has fished the Jacksonville waters for 20+ years. He holds a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master’s of Business Administration in Leadership. So naturally, he’s dedicated himself to being a fishing guide. ..(Hey, follow your passion!)

Years of honing his entertainment skills during middle of night watches/duties will certainly make for a fun day on the water! He has 20+ years of direct experience regarding safety on the water, navigation, and seamanship so you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

Captain Kris grew up in Ohio, began fishing in freshwater with his dad and grandfather, caught his first flounder at age 5 (his favorite fish), and after joining the Navy at 17 yrs of age, sampled the fishing anywhere the Navy took him (many places globally). He’s lived in Jacksonville, FL since 1989 only leaving for deployments/missions and chose to retire there in 2013 because of the diverse fishery, golf, and many other outdoor activities. (The 'Old Breeds' used to call that Navy Mayport Mafia!) Ask the Capt about that one, he’ll explain.

Most importantly, he is dedicated to supporting his military brothers and sisters and will regularly offer FREE charters to the children/spouses of deployed members. He had plenty of people looking out for his family while he was gone…time to give back!

The Boat


Boat 1 Boat 4 Boat 3

The boat you will fish from is a 24ft 2020 Sheaffer 240v with a 300HP Yamaha motor (quick walk-through video here). It’s very versatile in that it allows us to get into areas with a couple of feet of water in creeks, troll offshore/nearshore, or bottom-fish reefs/wrecks for a variety of species depending on the season. The 112lbs thrust trolling motor enables us to get to places that would otherwise be extremely difficult using an anchor and the mobility is priceless. There is a large cooler onboard with ice, all required safety equipment, including a satellite phone and EPIRB, and premium tackle consisting mostly of Penn® and Avet® reels, St. Croix® and Crowder® rods, and Powerpro SS8V2® line.

The 3P's

Prior Proper Planning (3Ps)…There are variations of this (6Ps!) but the bottom line is it’s easier to enjoy your trip if you’ve planned it knowing what to expect:

Family Standing Next To Their Catch
Man Holding His Catch
Man and Woman Holding a Fish
  • You’ll meet your Fish Whisperer Charter at the designated ramp which is mainly Mayport Boat Ramp (directions shown on contact form), meet the crew, load up, receive a short safety brief and we’ll be underway!
  • Fish Whisperer Charters provides all fishing equipment, licenses, and bait for your day on the water. A cooler with ice is provided along with bottled water. I have no problem with alcoholic beverages (no glass please) provided it’s consumed responsibly
  • Anglers may bring their own equipment, if desired, though not necessary
  • Dress appropriately based on the season. Mornings may require a light jacket and afternoons light/breathable clothing. Raingear may be needed in some cases and the Captain will let you know beforehand
  • Bring:

    o   Hats

    o   Sunglasses (polarized best)

    o   Sunscreen

    o   Your own camera/videos, if you like; however, we provide HD photos and video

    MOST IMPORTANTLY – A mindset that you’re going to have a great time!

  • Following the charter, the crew will clean your catch and place the fillets in a bag with some ice for you to enjoy at dinner. If you have a lengthy drive back from the ramp, it’s best to bring a small cooler to keep your catch.  

Where Can We Stay, Capt?

Ocean One Resort & Spa

Holiday Inn Express

Seahorse Oceanfront Inn

Navy Lodge Mayport

Navy Lodge NAS Jacksonville

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